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“We’re using lessons learned from years of experience in volunteer work, retail, small business ownership, and as concession stand volunteers to build a better way to manage concession stands— all to raise more money for our kids. We wanted to create a platform that allows organizations to keep the most amount of money in their pockets and not have giant expenses related to managing their concessions.”

Leslie Harrell, Founder

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My Story

After several years of involvement in many types of organizations, from community leadership roles to parent volunteering, I recognized the ongoing need for youth organizations to make money to cover the cost of items not covered in budgets. I had worked for a grocery chain in the product management side of the business. I decided to integrate my knowledge of sales and inventory with my desire to help non-profits reach their financial goals. Since these organizations are being run by volunteers who will be in the program while their kid is involved and then rotate out of the organization, I saw the need to create a platform that could be flexible enough for the transient nature of booster clubs and other non-profit clubs, but offer valuable tools to be more profitable. The journey started in 2019, but as the first version was completed, the pandemic put all these events on hold. As the world emerged from the lockdowns, it created new challenges for most stands we had already addressed in the Blitz platform. For a couple of years, organizations did not focus on concession stands as a primary source of income because of limited capacities and the handling of money and food. Now that we are moving beyond those challenges, Blitz Concessions is ready to help your organizations become more profitable and run more efficiently.

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